Why can't I download anything from the PLAY STORE? Ultimate Solution

I can't download anything from play store! What do I do? This doubt is very common, Play Store is, par excellence, the official store to buy applications on Android devices.

It offers great benefits, but it is not exempt from some failures. If you want to know why you can't download anything from the Play Store, don't worry! Here we have the solution for you.

  1. I can't download anything from play store
  2. Final solution
    1. Check Google Play Store services
    2. Check storage space

I can't download anything from play store

This is a very common error and the reasons can be many, including:

  • Problems with the cache of Google Play services
  • Full memory
  • Connection issues

The above causes the Smartphone to hang up during a download or not pass the “Waiting for download” notice.

Final solution

We are going to divide this solution into at least 4 phases:

Maybe your mobile has many applications queued or is running a large number of them at the same time.

For that reason it does not allow the correct operation of the Google Play Store, so it will be necessary reboot the device.

restart mobile phone

  • Check Google Play Store services

While your device restarts, on your computer the ideal thing will be to investigate if the Google Play services have failed, for this go to Down detector. This is a platform that gives details about some websites in real time.

  • Check storage space

Once the mobile is turned on, go to the storage and verify that it still has enough internal space to manage the application you want to download.

If not, you will need to clean the apps that take up the most space on your mobile.

In fact, maybe you should clear history WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and any other social network you use frequently.

To get the Google Play Store to work properly, it will be necessary to clear data and cache, and for this:

  • You must go to the configuration section of your Smartphone
  • Next to “Applications” or “Manage applications”.
  • Search Google Play Store, select it and press the “Storage” option that will appear at the bottom.
  • Then press “Clear Cache”
  • Confirm the action, wait a few seconds and that's it.

delete google play store data

You don't have to worry about Clearing the cache of this app because you won't lose your account, and instead you will feel like you have a brand new one Ah! And your device is likely to provide better performance.

Do the test and you will see that with these methods you will no longer say "I can't download anything from Play Store"!

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