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Since some updates the Play Store Google added a feature that will be very striking to advanced users or those people who enjoy testing applications as they improve their developers. Many call this new functionality as Play Store Beta, since what it does is allow us to install the version Beta of the applications that we want.

  1. What are applications in beta?
  2. Steps to use the beta versions of the applications
  3. How to stop using the beta version of an application

What are applications in beta?

Most likely you are already very familiar with what is an application or beta program, but in case you are not, here we will explain it briefly and clearly.

A beta application or the beta version of an application has changes, improvements, corrections or new functions of an application, but the reason why it is considered "beta" is because it is not yet a finished version and is in test, and may present certain bugs or problems. That is, they are not stable versions of an application and therefore have not been released directly.

Now users who are interested in testing beta versions of applications can do so using the option that Google Play has added so that users can do so. Although not all developers make use of this feature, a large number of them have already done so and that makes users can enter and exit the beta versions very easily.

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If you are interested in joining Google Play Beta, then we will explain the steps you must follow to achieve it:

Steps to use the beta versions of the applications

To be able to start using the beta version of an application all you have to do is enter the page of that application within Google Play, slide to the bottom and see the section that says "Become a Beta tester"

As you are imagining, there all you have to do is select the green button that says "I want to participate"And then select the option"Join" Once this is done, you will have to wait a few minutes in which the registration is made and then you will notice that now in the name of the application it says "Beta".

After the registration as beta tester has been done successfully, you will also notice that under the "uninstall" and "open" buttons a text will appear inside a box that says "You are a veta tester of this application"

How to stop using the beta version of an application

If you have already tried the beta version that you wanted, but now you want to use the official version of the application again, you can get out of the beta very easily. Simply go back to the application page and scroll to the box that says "You are a Beta tester"At the bottom of the page. You will see a green button that says "Go out", I select it.

An emerging advantage that says "Do you want to leave the Beta program?" where you are recommended to uninstall the beta version of the application you have used. In that window you have to select the option "Go out"

Another detail is that in the "My apps and games" section you will see a new tab that says "BETA" to the right of "ALL". There you will find the beta applications that you installed on your device.

Ready, now you know how to test the beta versions of the applications, how to stop being part of the beta program of the applications and how to uninstall them in case you want to use the stable version of the application after having tested your beta. It is a really simple process.

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