The 10 best alternatives to PLAY STORE

The Google Play Store It is the largest application store in the world, with millions of applications available and increasing. However, that does not mean that it is the only application store. The fact that it is the largest and most popular store carries many things, so it is a platform that is updated quite frequently and is constantly offering to offer the best possible experience to its users.

However, the fact that it is a Google platform also means that it is an application store that has certain restrictions that some users would prefer to avoid. That's why there are some Alternatives to Play Store that can be very useful if you are looking to leave those restrictions aside and enjoy more content.

  1. List of alternatives to Play Store (free and paid)
    1. Amazon App Store
    2. Aptoid
    3. Mirror APK
    4. Uptodown
    5. Pure APK
    6. SlideMe
    7. Bad life
    8. Samsung Galaxy Apps
    9. MoboMarket
    10. Mobogenie

List of alternatives to Play Store (free and paid)

As I mentioned earlier, the restrictions of the Play Store are the main reason why there are many people interested in using app stores that do not have such restrictions.

This list of alternative applications to the Play Store will be very useful to users who, for one reason or another, want to download their applications from a Marketplace other than the Play Store:

Amazon App Store

This is the Amazon application store and stands out for having a large number of applications at a much better price and more striking than that we can find in the Play Store. In fact, there are games and applications that offer bonuses if they are downloaded from this application store.

It is also an official store of a large company, so all downloads are secure and have been verified to avoid downloading any malicious application that affects your computer. Another detail is that updates are made automatically when you are connected to a WiFi network, so you will not spend data on them.



Aptoid is one of the most popular and best-known alternatives to Play Store. This thanks to the fact that it has a very well achieved platform and that both free and paid applications can be downloaded. Currently has More than 700,000 applications in its repertoire, of which the vast majority are games.

Another of its advantages is that it also has certain discounts on applications and payment tools, especially tools that gamers could use.

As for the updates of the applications, these are made automatically and without the need to schedule or perform them manually. You just have to be connected to a WiFi connection to update them.


alternatives play store

Mirror APK

Mirror APK It is not an application, it is a website, but it is the world's largest and most recognized APK file page. In this site you can download practically the APK of any application you need, being able to install the apps without having to depend on Google Play. It is an excellent option to avoid restriction by country.

This is a 100% secure site that pulls your files directly from the Google Play Store, only that they get more applications than you could download by avoiding the restriction.

Here you can get the apps from the Play Store and the App Store completely free of charge. The only negative point that some users find is that you can not see the opinions of other users or not in all cases, since you do not have to be registered to perform the download.



Uptodown is a platform that has a wide repertoire of APK files that you can download to later install the applications on your device. One of the reasons why it is one of the most popular platforms is because it allows you to download many applications legally. It also has a system that updates the APKs more quickly and easily, improving the user experience.

This way you can download a large number of applications without importing any of the restrictions that you have found in the Play Store. Applications can be downloaded completely free of charge.

Many people believe that installing applications from an APK is always dangerous, but the truth is that it is only dangerous when downloaded from poor or unknown sites, on Uptodown all downloads are safe and the site checks all files to ensure that be safe


Pure APK

Pure APK It is also one of the best known applications with regard to the alternatives of the official application stores, although it does not have a repertoire as large as those mentioned above. However, the applications that we can find are very good.

You can find the APK files for very good games and also for other applications or tools. It has the advantage that the apps can be updated automatically, you only need to be connected via WiFi.

Also, it is a fairly light application, so it is highly recommended for users who have phones that do not have much space or a lot of capacity.



SlideMe is a website that allows visitors to download the APK file from a large number of applications. In fact, the current repertoire of this website has More than 4500 applications that users can download for free.

One of its cons is that it is not in Spanish, so if you do not know English you will not be able to use it to the fullest. All the applications have been verified and you can be sure that you will be downloading clean and safe applications, avoiding putting your device at risk.

Being a website and not an application will not occupy space on your device, so it is also recommended for users who do not have storage capacity available.


Bad life

Bad life is another website that has a wide repertoire of available applications, which can be downloaded from a very friendly platform and quickly. Its catalog of applications is quite free and you can download it in APK format for free.

Being a website, the download speed of the files will depend only on your speed to the internet and its servers, which usually do not have problems and stand out for allowing their users to download everything at a great speed.


Samsung Galaxy Apps

Samsung takes a while offering its users a large number of services and applications. The Samsung Galaxy Apps is installed on all computers of this brand, and although it is not widely recognized by most users, it can find the same applications that, in the Play Store, which are also updated at the same time as in the store Google official.



MoboMarket is an application that has started to become very popular in recent years, being used by more than 100 million users worldwide.

One of the main reasons why this application has become so popular is because it offers the best games and the most popular applications in your area. This is because, in the same way as the Play Store, it has strict security protocols that in turn guarantee the download of completely secure applications.



Mobogenie It is one of the least known platforms on this list, but it has undoubtedly begun to gain some ground thanks to all the features it offers and the fact that it downloads any application in a very fast and convenient way.

One of its main features is that not only allows you to download applications and games, but among its repertoire users can also find some movies, wallpapers, documentaries, ringtones and many more things.

However, one of the big points against it is that its content is not updated automatically, so you will not always download the latest versions of the applications. That is why it is recommended that you link the applications to the Play Store so that they are always updated.


These are all the alternatives to Play Store that are worth reviewing to be able to download applications in a simple and safe way. There are many more alternatives, but these are the ones that have gained popularity for being safe and for offering a good download experience.

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