How to download Play Store on Huawei? Step by Step Tutorial

Learn to download play store on huawei! For some years, Huawei phones have not had Google Play services.

In fact, China does not allow social networks to operate in the territory, by which we mean Facebook, Google and many others.

But not all is lost, because if you want download Play Store on Huawei, We want to tell you that there is a solution and here you will find it.

  1. Option 1) Download Play Store on Huawei step by step
  2. Option 2) Directly download the APK file from the Google Play Store
  3. You must know

Option 1) Download Play Store on Huawei step by step

The procedure is very simple and it is thanks to the fact that Huawei has allowed extensions such as GSpace operate through your virtual store Gallerythus managing to use the applications belonging to Google without inconvenience.

  1. To start it will be necessary to go to the configuration section on your Smartphone
  2. Next, press "Advanced settings"
  3. Then “Security” and “Enable downloads from unknown sources''. It is very likely that when activating this option a window will appear indicating that the files downloaded from the network can damage the device, in this case it will only be necessary to press accept and continue.
  4. Enter the Gallery app and download GSpace. You must accept each and every one of the permissions that the application will request so that it can make the necessary changes to your phone's system.
  5. The next thing will be to log in to the account GooglePlay.

Once you are inside the Google store, you will be able to download the applications you want. Of course, for this, you must do it only from Google Play

Here, the process of searching and downloading apps or games will be the same as other Android devices.

Option 2) Directly download the APK file from the Google Play Store

  1. Perform steps 1,2 and 3 of the previous procedure
  2. Download the APK file from this link: Download Play Store APK
  3. Open the downloaded file and finish the installation.

You must know

Unfortunately, not everything is rosy and, GSpace It does not have 100% compatibility with all Huawei brand smartphones. In fact, it is only compatible with some devices.

google play store huawei

If you have a smartphone belonging to the P40 family, there is no problem because they are all compatible with the application, but the Y range mobiles did not have the same fate.

Still, in the list of devices that support this app are the Y5p, Y6p, Y7p, Y8p and Y9p.

And, maybe you are still wondering how this works? Easy! The truth is that since GSpace is within the Huawei brand application store, it allows you to replicate all the actions of Google Play, and therefore, all the benefits that they can provide.

And just like this method, there are actually many more, but so far this is one of the most stable, practical and simple to perform.

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