Free play store codes? What they are and how to get them

Did you know that you can enjoy free play store codes? These are based on codes of at least 20 characters that have a market value, which is between €5, 15, 25, 30, 50 or more.

They have been created so that, instead of using cash, you can support yourself with a credit card and purchase products from the Google Play store. If you want to know a little more about them, what they are and how to obtain them, stay until the end.

  1. What are free play store codes?
  2. Redeem Play Store codes for free

What are free play store codes?

They are the solution to your problems! These have been created so that your pocket is not so harmed when buying an application on Google Play.

With them, in addition to downloading an application or game, you can also enjoy books or movies that are in the virtual store.

These free codes or cards can be obtained physically or online, the second option is one of the most used by users and it is not surprising since the method of obtaining it is simpler and safer What?

  1. Downloading and testing apps
  2. Answering online surveys
  3. Watching advertisements and advertising videos
  4. inviting other people
  5. Registering in services and pages for free.

These are mini jobs that take place on platforms GPT, which are used to generate income, and among them are Point Prizes and App Karma.

Although, if you do not want to carry out any of the aforementioned actions and you have money in your PayPal account, you can associate it with your google play account to make the purchases you want, you can also always buy balance cards for play store.

Redeem Play Store codes for free

To enjoy these codes you must redeem them and for this it will be necessary:

  1. Enter the Google Play Store application, press the line with the three points located in the upper left part of the app.
  2. In the menu press “Redeem codes”.
  3. A window will appear where you will place your code, press "Redeem" and you will see how the money will be automatically added to your Google account, and that's it. That easy you can get Google Play codes.

cash code google play store

The only thing left is to decide which app, game, movie or book you want to spend it on. Also if you want, you can give away these codes, being sent as gift cards to users who have an account in the Google Play Store.

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