How to clear play store history? Learn the safe way to delete it


¡Clear play store history It is simpler than you imagine! Some search that you are not very proud of or a full history can be the perfect reasons to eliminate those traces, and here we have the perfect solution for you.

  1. Steps to clear play store history
    1. Through the Google Play Store app
    2. Via smartphone settings
  2. Important

Steps to clear play store history

You should know that there are two alternatives that you can apply if you want clear play store history:

  • Through the Google Play Store app

This is one of the easiest methods and for this you must:

  1. Enter the Play Store application on your mobile device.
  2. Press the button that contains the three lines located in the upper left part of the search profile. This will display a window where you will see the store menu.
  3. Press the “Settings” option and then “General”
  4. When doing the previous step you will have the option to "Clear local search history",
  5. You just have to press the "Confirm" option, wait a few seconds while Google Play Store deletes history and that's it.

delete play store history

To verify that the method was successful, press on the search bar of the Google Play Store and if it is empty, everything will have been a success. And the best thing is that the process does not take more than 5 minutes

  • Via smartphone settings

Although surely with the previous method you will achieve clear play store historywe want to offer you a second alternative, and this is through the configuration section of your smartphone, for this you will have to:

  1. Go to the configuration icon and access the menu.
  2. You will have a window where you must enter "Applications" or "Manage applications". The name of this option may change depending on the Android version of your smartphone.
  3. Already in applications, search for Google Play Store, click on it and select the option "Clear data".
  4. Next, click on the “Delete all data” option.

Wait a few seconds, go to the Google Play Store application and a window will appear where you must accept the terms and conditions of service. By accepting the terms you will have a google store like new and ready to use.


On Android devices whose versions are 5.1 or lower, it will only be necessary to press the "Clear data" option.

If you have a smartphone with a version higher than 6.0, to delete the history, you must enter the storage, press "Delete data” and wait while the information is reset.

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