Activate DARK MODE on your phone [Tutorial]

For some years, different operating systems such as Windows have added a "dark mode"To its applications and platforms so that users can choose and use dark modes at night to prevent the brightness of the screen from providing a bad user experience.

In the case of Google, the dark mode has taken longer to reach its different applications and platforms, but little by little it has been adding this mode to its different services. That is why in this article we will explain how to activate the dark mode of all Google applications that have it available. At present, Google applications that have dark mode are: YouTube, Chrome, Calendar, the same Android, among others.

Why use the dark mode? Actually, this depends on each user, being able to be seen as a simple aesthetic change in the applications, although during the night a dark screen makes the use of the device easier by not having a screen almost completely white lighting and creating visual fatigue .

Whatever your preference, it is grateful that little by little Google has been adding the dark mode to offer a better experience to users who want a darker screen when using their services.

activate dark mode tutorial

  1. Activate Dark Mode on Google platforms
    1. Android Q Dark Mode
    2. Google Drive in Dark Mode
    3. Google Chrome in Dark Mode
    4. Google Keep in Dark Mode
    5. Google Calendar in Dark Mode
    6. Google Calculator in Dark Mode
    7. Google Play Games in Dark Mode
    8. Google Discover Feed in Dark Mode
    9. YouTube in Dark Mode
    10. Google Help Center in Dark Mode
    11. Dark Mode Phone
    12. Contacts in Dark Mode
    13. Gmail (web) in Dark Mode
    14. Android Messages in Dark Modes
    15. Gborad in Dark Mode
    16. Google Maps in Dark Mode (navigation)
    17. Google Authenticator in Dark Mode
    18. Snapseed in Dark Mode
    19. YouTube TV in Dark Mode

Activate Dark Mode on Google platforms

Android Q Dark Mode

One of the most important updates that Google has done in terms of implementing dark mode is to add it to Android.

The truth is that for a long time there were indications that we would soon have a dark mode in Android, but finally it has reached Android Q. However, for the moment it has to be used in the beta version of the operating system, since it has not yet it arrives officially.

With this update to Android Q, a simple change in the configuration menu will allow users to use Android's dark mode. When activated, you will see all aspects of the OS in black, including notifications, menus and the central part of the system.

Google Drive in Dark Mode

Google Drive is one of the Google applications that has taken the longest time to add the Dark Mode as a feature. After a long time of testing, it seems that it has finally been integrated, although for now it only works with Android Q.

With this update users should see the normal application or in dark mode depending on the overall configuration of your system. Some users have confirmed that it also works on Android Pie having dark mode settings enabled, but the truth is that it has been seen that the results may vary from one user to another.

Google Chrome in Dark Mode

For some time now we have seen how Google has started to implement the dark mode in its browser, starting with its desktop version for Windows and Mac.

In the case of Windows, this option is enabled since version 74 of Chrome, but can not be changed from the browser, but Chrome is switched to dark mode automatically when the user is using Dark Mode in Windows. In the case of MacOS this can be done from version 73 of the browser, alternating the system between dark mode and light mode.

The direct change is not yet available in the stable version, but it is known that Google has been working little by little to add this functionality to your browser.

Google Keep in Dark Mode

Google Keep is an application used by millions of Google operating system users. This very simple application allows you to take notes and now has a Dark Mode that it has to be activated in the configuration of the application.

The possibility of activating dark mode in this application was added in a May update, since version 5.19.19, so make sure you have this or a later version to enable dark mode.

The dark mode of this application is not completely black, but uses different shades of gray.

Google Calendar in Dark Mode

Users who wanted to review their agenda during the night will be very happy to know that Google Calendar now has a Dark Mode. This configuration can be enabled from Android Nougat and newer versions. To activate it, the only thing that users have to do is go to the section of Configuration> General> Theme and select the necessary option for the dark theme.

In the case of Android Q, the Calendar respects the configuration used in the operating system. So, if you have your Android with dark mode activated, then this application will also show dark.

Google Calculator in Dark Mode

Since version 7.6 of the Android calculator application, Google has officially added the Dark Mode. The switch to switch between one mode and another is found in the top menu that is displayed when selecting the three vertical points.

You only have to select the option "Choose theme" and there will appear a small menu where you can select the Dark Mode, besides that it also allows you to configure yourself automatically depending on the energy saving.

Google Play Games in Dark Mode

To enjoy the Dark Mode in Google Play Games, make sure you have installed the latest version of the application. Once you have done it, enter the menu and from there go to Configuration> Dark theme and activate it. The color of the application should change immediately.

Google Discover Feed in Dark Mode

Now we can also take advantage of the Dark Mode in the Discover Google Feed. This can be found in many Android models to the left of the main screen.

It is activated respecting the "Night Mode" of the whole system, so that you can not put the Dark Mode manually and individually for this application.

YouTube in Dark Mode

YouTube was one of the first Google apps that added the Dark Mode feature. This is not uncommon, since it is its most popular platform and in which people usually spend more time.

The Dark Mode of YouTube can be seen in almost all sections of the application, even being able to use it on the web page from our desktop browser.

To activate it, all you have to do is click on the Profile> Dark theme> Activate. As simple as that.

Google Help Center in Dark Mode

The Google Online Help Center can now also be used in Dark Mode. So now Google's large library of tutorials and troubleshooting can also be seen in dark mode.

Like other Google applications, this Dark Mode is not completely black, but uses gray tones.

To activate the dark mode in the Help Center, all you have to do is scroll to the bottom of the page and select the switch that is on the right side of the screen. This configuration is saved even if you have left the page.

Dark Mode Phone

The application Phone Google also has a dark mode, which is activated once dark mode is activated in the Android system. This application changes together with the menus and the different interfaces. Also the Contacts tab reacts in the same way and changes color along with the system.

To change manually and activate the Dark Mode in the phone application you simply have to go to Settings> Display options> Dark Theme.

Contacts in Dark Mode

From version 3.2 of Google Contacts, Dark Mode was officially added in this application. This makes our contact repertoire dark, as well as the details of each contact.

To be able to enable it you must have the latest version. Make sure you install the latest version and then you will see a new option that says "Activate Dark Mode"In the side menu.

In the same way as with the Phone application, by activating the Android "Night Mode" this application will switch to the Dark Mode automatically.

Gmail (web) in Dark Mode

For a long time Gmail (web) has different personalized themes, so in its web version we can find a dark subject for a long time. However, it remains one of the most limited options on this list.

This is because when you apply a dark theme on the Gmail page it only changes the color of the general interface, leaving all the email and the same white color menu. It is expected that in a while Google will update its mail platform to add an official dark mode.

Android Messages in Dark Modes

The Android message application can also be used in dark mode. This may also be one of the first applications of Google to receive the dark mode, since it has become a central point of many of Google's initiatives.

This Dark Mode includes the main interface, menus and individual messages. To activate it all you have to do is select the three vertical points and select 'Dark Mode"

Gborad in Dark Mode

The Google Gboard is the keyboard most used by Android users, which supports different issues for some time and can enable a dark mode.

That is, in this case activating the "Dark Mode" is not as "official" as in other applications, since there is no dark mode as such, but we simply have to select a theme that is black or gray, which they meet the same criteria.

Google Maps in Dark Mode (navigation)

The Google Maps application also has a Dark Mode for a long time. However, it is not a dark way for the entire application, but simply applies in the navigation, which still remains the most important and used of this application.

To do this you have to activate the "Night Mode" of the application and leave it activated if you want to last the day, although it is more useful to have it that way during the night.

Google Authenticator in Dark Mode

Many applications use the authentication in 2 steps offered by the Google application, so if you use this application at night (or if you simply want to change the color) you will be glad to know that you can also activate the dark mode to this application.

As in other applications, to be able to take advantage of this mode you have to have the latest version of the application.

In the application scroll menu (three vertical dots) you can see the Dark Mode option. The whole interface of this application is shown with a dark gray background and the numbers and data in white letters.

Snapseed in Dark Mode

Snapseed is a very popular photo editing application, which also already has a switch that allows its users to activate the black mode. Take a look very similar to what we can see in Photoshop.

To activate the Dark Mode of this application all you have to do is go to your configuration and the first option that we will see is to activate this mode. Done, it's that simple to change the theme in this application.

YouTube TV in Dark Mode

As we mentioned earlier, the standard YouTube application has a Dark Mode that is activated very easily, but on YouTube TV it is offered only from its website. This covers the whole platform, including the menus, and it's a really well achieved dark theme that gives this platform a pretty good touch.

At the moment it is not known if this dark theme of YouTube TV will also extend to Android and iOS mobile applications, but we do not doubt that it will be available in a while.

To activate it on your page, all you have to do is go to Profile> Settings> Dark Theme> Activate.

This is the entire list of applications and Google platforms in which you can activate a Dark Mode.

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