Error 963 Play Store - 2 methods that work

The code Error 963 from the Google Play Store usually cause that when a download or update reaches 100% the download is restarted or simply canceled. This can be very annoying since it does not allow to have a good experience with the Android application store and with the device in general. Likewise, this error usually occurs in teams of manufacturers chinese like ZTE, Xiaomi, etc. But do not worry, because in this article you can See how to solve this problem.

The reason why this error is usually show up in Chinese teams is because they have a modified ROM in the store, as it is the case of Xiaomi that modifies it so that it is multilanguage. The error 963 Play Store may seem quite annoying and complicated to solve, but following the solutions of this article you should be able to solve this problem.

  1. How to fix the 963 error of Play Store
    1. Method 1: Easier and more reliable solution
    2. Method 2: 100% effective solution (but more complicated)

How to fix the 963 error of Play Store

Method 1: Easier and more reliable solution

We will start with the easiest solution and sure so you do not have problems and do not waste time. This method does not requires root rights and other complications, plus it's about the solution recommended by the same support of the Play Store.

To perform this solution follow these steps:

  1. Go to the tab Settings.
  2. Enter the option of Applications or Application Manager.
  3. Select the option All or All, the names of the options may vary depending on the maker.
  4. Search for the application Google Play Store and select it
  5. Choose the option Force Detention and then select Uninstall Updates.

Now check if error 963 has been solved This method works on most computers, so it's very It probably solved your problem.

If this solution has not helped you, we recommend that you continue reading, especially if you have a Chinese team.

Method 2: 100% effective solution (but more complicated)

If the previous method has not worked and You have a Chinese team so this solution should be just what you need. However, you will have to have the necessary knowledge and patience to can install a new ROM.

As we mentioned earlier, the Chinese manufacturers usually have ROMS edited on phones that do not support Spanish, something they do to add this diiMa. In many cases, these ROMS edited have failures and other problems, something that can be solved by installing the official ROM of the manufacturer. In case you have a Xiaomi equipment that does not
has a global ROM and you do not want to have a device in English, then you have the possibility to install the Custom ROMs what is available

If you do not feel much confidence in installing another ROM, you should know that many of these have improvements and work better. By example, some improve the performance of equipment and even the duration of the battery, in addition to adding other languages.

These ROMs have to be installed through of the Custom Recovery, as TWRP, and the wipes corresponding to perform the installation. Once you have finished with the installation the problem should to be solved. On the website offer much more information In case you have been left with any doubt.

These two solutions must have fixed the 963 error of the Play Store.

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