Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is a video game in which the user is a teenager who runs along the train tracks escaping from a policeman and his dog. After being caught putting graffiti on the station. Likewise, while he runs, he must catch gold coins while avoiding colliding with trains or other obstacles. But it can also catch some objects.

Subway Surfers is a video game developed by kiloo and SYBO Games especially for mobile phone platforms. It was released in May 2012 for iOS and in September of that same year for Android. It was repeatedly updated for festive seasons and since 2013 these updates are based on a World tour. That put the game in a different city each time.

However, as of 2014 the new updates do not carry out this change. And some limited edition characters received outfits in subsequent updates.


    Subway Surfers gameplay

    The game mode of Subway Surfers is adventure type. And it consists of catching coins and rewards while escaping through the train tracks. He escapes from obstacles or trains by jumping at the right moment by going or to the sides. Sometimes the characters can also escape on flying boards by hovering over train tracks or on electrical cables.

    Despite this, each player must carry out their special missions and thus obtain some rewards. When the character repeatedly collides with obstacles or is caught by the police the game ends.

    Subway Surfers android

    Download Subway Surfers for Android

    If you want to download Subway Surfers for Android through the Play Store, click on download here. In case you want to download Subway Surfers apk file for Android via Apkpure press download here.

    Subway Surfers Characters and Accessories

    The total of characters for April 2021 if those that can be acquired in the game's virtual store are included are 114.


    Jake is the icon of the game and Kiloo's mascot. He is also the main character in Subway Surfers and is counted on when starting the game. The others must be progressively unblocked and for this there are two ways.

    One may be to collect character attributes throughout the game experience. Attributes such as a hat or a radio. And the other way is through the investment of keys or coins.

    The policeman and the dog

    These are the bad guys of the game since they are in charge of chasing the main characters. They do not usually vary much with the exception of the clothing that will depend on the place where they are.

    On special occasions the policeman has been replaced, for example, by Frankenstein and the dog by a skeleton. After some editions from 2016, he has appeared disguised as Santa Claus and Reindeer dog. Also in 2014 he appeared dressed for Easter for the second division of Rome. Although in 2016 he was also seen dressed as a gentleman.

    Subway Surfers Accessories

    Some of the most characteristic accessories of Subway Surfers are the Super jumpers or jumping stilts. Jetpacks or jetpacks, Super sneakers or jumping shoes. The Score multiplayers or score multipliers and the Coin magnets or coin magnets, among others.

    Subway Surfers history

    Subway Surfers is a Runner adventure video game that has millions of downloads and fame from the moment it appeared. It is quite a fun and charismatic game although it is quite basic.

    It doesn't seem to have much behind it but it does have a story that is well described in a miniseries of the game. Jacob (Jake) is constantly caught by the cop who guards the subway area while doing graffiti. On the other hand, his mother, desperate for his disobedience and his vandalism attitudes, constantly punishes and scolds him. Although he never pays much attention to her.

    Tricky is an upper-class teenager constantly worried about not complying with her mother's demands and disappointing her. But her true hobbies lead her to meet and skate with her friends at the train station.

    Another of the main characters is Fresh, a boy very concerned with maintaining order in his surroundings. Basketball lover who carries with him a radio team that he calls boomy.

    Yutani is the hand and brain of science in the group of friends and who collaborates with the group in this regard. In addition to warning the complex parts of the consequences. After an experiment with their magnet, the protagonists discover a strange blue cylinder in an underground hole. It is also discovered that there was a strange organization spying on them. Then Yutani manages to build a propelled skateboard with the cylinder and begins the adventure posed in the game.

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