Punishing: Gray Raven

Rarely will you find games for Android devices with the quality and majesty of Punishing: Gray Raven, with a well thought out story, designed with class, luxury and a lot of imagination, it will make you feel part of a wonderful world that you must rescue from the invasion produced years ago by robotic forces that have implanted a virus: Punishing.

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  1. Details and characteristics of the game and its history
  2. Don't wait any longer to try it!

Details and characteristics of the game and its history

Gray Raven is the team that you must lead as part of the game, being his main warrior you will have to prosecute the mission of rescue the planet which has been invaded by robots a few years ago.

And this team is not a small thing, but it is made up of human goals or, rather, by robotic bodies with super abilities, but they think and act like a human being. In fact, this is one of the most outstanding characteristics of Punishing: Gray Raven, the ability to design an improved human species.

Punishing Gray Raven

The goal is unravel the dark secrets that are entangled after the invasion and the implantation of that powerful virus called Punishing and that it has been in charge of destroying everyone, except that group that has gone out of orbit to protect itself and return with everything to defend its planet.

Because it is a game of RPC, that is, of role play, you will be giving free rein to your imagination, impersonating a savior warrior who tries to become a hero by recovering a lost land.

Throughout the game you will realize that the 3D design of the spaces has been outlined with elegance, detail and splendor too much. Everything in the hands of the team of developers Kuro Technology (Hong Kong) CO., Limited. The only requirement detail to consider is its weight (2.12 GB), but the quality of the game is worth it.

Don't wait any longer to try it!

I can give you many more details about this action game that develops at a very fast pace and that alludes to those times when the world seemed to be obsessed with the apocalypse, only in this case it is a post apocalypse that arises from quite peculiar way.

Punishing Gray Raven capture

But why try to convince yourself of something that you can easily obtain yourself? And the best, for free! That is why I prefer to take advantage of this space to leave you the download links of the best platforms on the market. You just have to click and in moments you can start enjoying the wonders of Punishing: Gray Raven, thanks to Play Store from google already APKpure, two online game stores for devices with Android technology that are always at the forefront.

These are the links:

Enjoy the graphics, the splendid story with narrations included and a spectacular sound that will leave you absorbed in the plot of Punishing: Gray Raven.

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