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The last release of Dream League Soccer 2021 was on December 6, 2020. And in consecutive updates it came out for iOS, Android and Windows phone. East video game, famous for adapting everything that is expected of football video games to the mobile phone. It was developed and released to the public by First Touch Games.

Which is an English video game development company that specializes in games for android, iOS or Windows phone devices. The face on the cover of the video game are Kevin de bruyne and Roberto firmino, both prominent figures of English football. The former is a Manchester City midfielder and the latter is a Liverpool Football Club forward.

Dream League Soccer has great popularity and as announced by Play Story it has been downloaded more than 10 million times, only through its platform. And to a large extent its popularity may be due to its optimal development in terms of graphics and playability. Unprecedented in a soccer video game for mobile phones.


    About Dream League Soccer 2021

    The The main feature of Dream League Soccer 2021 is that it allows users to create ideal soccer teams. It also allows you to select the captain of the team that will be called Dream FC. Once they start each user, they will be able to train their squad and increase the rating of their players: taking Commons (less than 71 rating points), rare (less than 79 rating points) to legendary (80 rating points or more ).

    Dream League Soccer 2021 also allows users to personalize everything from the shoes to the name of their team or the stadium. They will be able to create players, badges and uniforms and choose the dynamics of competitions or friendly games and different events.

    The game has 8 divisions: the academic division and the amateur division, the divisions one through four, the elite division and the legendary division. Users will start in the Academic Division and will have the opportunity to work their way up to the Legendary Division.

    The game also features different championships such as the diamond, gold, silver and bronze cup according to the division in which each user is located. And there are a bevy of special tournaments including the Global Challenge Cup or the match against All Stars XI. Where are the best players in the division.

    Those users who have both trophies will be able to face the Secret team of the game First Touch unaited. And finally, if they manage to overcome the challenge, the players of the secret team will carry the real names of the developers of First Touch Games.

    Starting with Dream League Soccer 2016 First Touch Games Production allows users to have their own FIFPro licensed players. So they can build their own team as well as edit their manager or stadium. And compete against other Dream League teams online. This is mostly a free game but it does contain some paid elements.

    Download Dream League Soccer 2021 for Android

    To download Dream League Soccer 2021 for Android through Play Story press here. If you want to download the apk file of Dream League Soccer 2021 for Android through Apkpure click here.

    Game development and updates

    Unlike other popular soccer games like FIFA or Pro Evolution soccer Dream League Soccer developers update the game regularly. The origin of the game is located in Dream League Soccer Classic. And as of the 2016 update the game was changed for Dream League Soccer.

    Starting with the graphic update of 2017, the game considerably increased its potential. And it was named Dream League Soccer 2017. Again that year the game was updated to correct some graphics or gameplay bugs. And his name was changed back to Dream League Soccer.

    In 2018 it was updated again, correcting errors and including new ways of playing the graphics and even increasing the difficulty. This version of the game was called Dream league soccer 2019. And repeating the pattern of previous years after the July update of the same year, the game was renamed Dream League Soccer.

    By 2022 the company would launch the game in its Dream League Soccer 2022 version. Radically updating the game in terms of playability and graphic textures. In addition to including some options among which the one to create or choose the manager stands out.

    This month the Dream League Soccer 2021 version for iOS and Android was released and updated. And an updated version of it finally came out in April 2021. Another new addition is the career mode available online or the exhibition mode.

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