Solar Smash

If you ever dreamed of having enough power to destroy any of the planets in the Solar System, the game App that has been created for use on Android Operating Systems, Solar Smash, is what you were waiting for. This game gives you the opportunity to use a variety of weapons to destroy any planet. Find out how with this post.

  1. An original idea?
  2. How does Solar Smash work?

An original idea?

The idea of ​​Solar Smash is apparently based on the alien invasion movies, where aliens take over the most important cities on Earth and try to destroy it with a massive attack.

Well, that's what this game is about, only that you are the alien and you can decide which planet in the solar system you are going to invade and destroy with everything and its inhabitants, including Earth!

Solar Smash android game

It seems very turbulent for a person to have the dream of destroying a planet, but apparently it is a very common wish that causes a lot of pleasure, since the acceptance that this App has had has been great, the comments and criticisms of users are excellent and today it has more than 50,000,000 downloads.

In fact, the fame of Hollywood movies related to this topic and the large number of them speak of the good idea that it was and the massive acceptance of the game. Of course it's all about Science fiction and for that reason we should not think that the world is obsessed with the destruction of the entire galaxy ...

In short, Solar Smash is a very original idea for a game, which yes, it is based on a hackneyed movie plot, but you entertains, tea amuses, lower your stress levels, and a lot! Hence, it makes you more blissful.

How does Solar Smash work?

To be the best playing Solar Smash, take into account the following tips that show you how the game works:

  • First you must choose the planet you want to attack.
  • In a row, on one side of the screen of your device you can find a variety weapons menu, ranging from a laser beam, to a missile, and even black holes! Little by little, he uses each one of them and destroys everything that moves on the planet.
  • Graphics are very good and the exceptional design of each of the planets, allowing you to feel like you are in a true Hollywood movie and get the idea that you are really wiping out the whole world.
  • The game is so original and so precise, that as you progress in the destruction it will indicate the number of deceased people and those that you still have to annihilate.

Solar Smash game for android

Certainly, you have to accept that this is not a game with a very nice main idea, but it is an idea that sells, and it has already been proven in many ways. In addition, there are games that promote a greater degree of violence than this.

So, no fuss, if you like the idea of ​​ending Jupiter, Mars, Saturn or even Earth, go ahead! Download Solar Smash from any of the following links: Solar Smash Play Store and Solar Smash APKpure, and kill them all!

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