Word Crush, Free Word Game without wifi

Recreation and learning, is what it promises you Word Smash, Free Word Game without wifi, so that from your mobile phone or tablet you can enjoy and expand your lexicon, wherever you are, even if you do not have an internet connection you can run it and spend those tedious hours in queue or waiting to complete a procedure.

  1. How to play Word Smash?
  2. Game features
  3. Learn by playing
  4. Download it now! and start with the fun

How to play Word Smash?

It is one of the simplest word crush games to execute, it is very intuitive and just by moving the letters with your finger you eliminate words and you are adding points. You can scroll so horizontal or vertical.

As you eliminate words, new opportunities are generated, as the blocks are falling and the game will be much easier for you visually. Just take a look at his previous tutorial, he teaches you how to play before you start.

Word Smash, Free Word Game without wifi

With each level you will be given a central theme, for example: love, so that the words you must eliminate are related to that theme, for example: roses, wedding, kiss, etc. As you level up, the difficulty of the words increases and the amount of them.

Game features

Because it is a simple game, its characteristics are equally so, and the following are worth highlighting:

  • Not only is it a game, but in addition to crushing words, the App contains games of blocks, gems, word trip, liquid classification and oxygen drop, each of them more fun, entertaining and, of course, educational than the previous one.
  • The themes designed for the game boards are spectacular, beautiful and full of elegant and sober colors, which helps your concentration.
  • Have up to 2500 levels, so you have a lot to learn.
  • Difficulty grows with each level; Although it will be a little more difficult as you progress, do not give up, little by little you will notice how the agility of your mind also grows.
  • It weighs very little, just 09 MB, and has been widely accepted since its launch, with excellent comments and reviews.
  • And the highlight of all, as its very name states, You don't require internet to play!

Learn by playing

One of the most special features of this App, and that is certainly worth highlighting, is that it is a educational game, where with a few minutes a day you will be exercising your mind, teaching him new words that you can incorporate into your day to day and expanding the vocabulary in general lines. Which is extremely useful at the health, work, social level, etc.

It is also a useful tool for children to start reading, writing, or for people, both boys and girls, to practice the language.

Download it now! and start with the fun

This game App offered by FingerLab is available, without payment, directly from the Play Store from Google and also from APKpure; you can download them right now, by clicking here, whose link will take you to the Play Store, or here, straight to the APK platform.

You have no excuse, at all times you can enjoy Smash Words, Free Word Game without wifi, and learn while you play.

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