Oh god!

Did you ever wish to be almighty? Well let me tell you that there is a game where you can be! Oh god!This is the name of this original version developed by Alictus at 2020 for electronic equipment with Android technology. Are you curious? Keep reading and find out much more.

  1. How to be God?
  2. Oh God!
  3. A game with purpose
  4. Downloading it is very simple

How to be God?

In Oh God !, the game where you decide who is good and who is notIt is only enough to analyze each situation and establish autonomously if you send people to heaven or hell itself, to do so, slide up or down; very cool right?

The idea of ​​the game is impart divine justice and make the players understand that this is not a simple task, in this way, the game, in addition to entertaining, creates values, by establishing a line between good and evil, identifying good and bad actions, which are, ultimately, the ones that will make you decide where people will go.

Oh god! download android game

You yourself are in charge of building heaven and hell, outside of this, there are few other activities that you can carry out, since at one point in the game the missions they are the essence of everything, filling the sky with people is the priority.

In fact, one of the main criticisms of the game lies precisely in the absence of new challenges once the main feat is completed, building both worlds, supra and infra-terrestrial.

Oh God!

Some relevant details about this game are:

  • The graphics with simple.
  • It is an extremely light App (18 MB).
  • Does not require major technical requirements or additional permits.
  • Nor will it be necessary for you to have a constant internet connection, but rather you can play offline.
  • It is completely free, you should not invest to have the most fun.

A game with purpose

In the world of gaming apps for electronic devices, you see multitudes of games with no purpose, beyond killing or surviving an attack. Now, the developers of this game, wanting to end this premise, have created Oh God !, a respite for those who insist on eliminating violent content from the internet and from games in general.

Oh god! android game

It is intended to show people that good deeds are rewardedWhile bad actions must always be compensated, otherwise, they will destroy the soul of the person who commits them. !divine justice!, that is the purpose of this game, to explain it and demonstrate it.

Downloading it is very simple

And much more when you have my help, because in this post I leave you the direct links to the Play Store from Google and from APKpure, so that you download the game and you can begin to be omnipotent, not for a single day, but for the days that you want to be.

Just click here for Play Store, or here for APKApure.

Investing time in a game that not only entertains you, but creates good habits and values ​​in you and those who play, is a great feeling, so make sure you have Oh God! on your device, and always recommend it.

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