Parchis STAR

Classic, traditional and simple, but completely improved, it is the unique game Parchis STAR Who hasn't enjoyed it as a typical family board game? Now you can do it from your Smartphone or your Tablet, as it was specially designed for these devices with Android system.

  1. Its developers
  2. How do you play?
  3. Game features

Its developers

Gameberry Labs is responsible for bringing to the digital world this great game with which we have all enjoyed many moments of leisure and entertainment. Available since 2017 and whose improved version 1.94.2 is from August of this year.

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Its weight is minimal, 41.58 MB, so it will not affect the speed of your equipment at all and basic technology requirements will suffice.

How do you play?

Surely you already know it, but it doesn't hurt to refresh yourself on the rules of the game and give you some valid tips in this digital version.

Between two and four players can participate, each one representing a different color, the classics of the usual game: yellow, red, blue and green. The idea is to get to the square of the corresponding color beforehand with all the pieces intact (4), for this you must turn the entire board, advancing little by little according to the figure indicated by the dice.


It is played in turns and the exciting thing about the game is to compete with the other participants, to chase them to return them to their starting square and to gain an advantage over them.

Game features

I briefly detail some points that characterize this game App for Android:

  • It is an App completely free, which allows you to interact with other players online, who will be your opponents in the battle to reach the goal earlier.
  • This is a game Multiplayer, that is, it supports more than one player at the same time.
  • You need to be connected to the network to be able to play online with other participants from all over the world or with your own friends, doing a search with the map or configuring it to a social network.
  • You can take advantage of the game to start a conversation via chat with any of the other players. With Parchis STAR your social life increases!
  • The latest available version of the game allows you to customize your entire profile.
  • It is aimed at audiences of all ages, everyone enjoys playing Parchis STAR!
  • You can accept the daily challenges that presents you the application and get great achievements.
  • The App keeps track of all the scores obtained in the game, so that the competition does not stay on the board, but transcends the comparisons of the scores obtained individually in other games.

Parchis STAR catch

If you love this game since you were little and are dying to have it available on your phone or tablet, don't waste another microsecond of time, download it from Play Store from Google or from APKpure.

You know what? I'm going to make your job easier, just click here to download direct from Play Store, or here if you prefer APKpure.

Parchis STAR is the best thing you will ever have! There will be no other game with which you will have fun and at the same time you will remember so many good moments from your childhood.

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