Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Raiden, Johnny and Cassie Cage, surely you know all these names and a smile has been outlined on your face when reading them one by one. Yes, these are the glorious and powerful characters of the well-known game MORTAL KOMBAT, one of the classic fighting games of all time.

From the April 21, 2015 This renowned game is available in its version for Android, allowing its fans to enjoy excellent graphics and battles with the most recognized characters of the game and other exclusive features of the application, directly from their smartphone or electronic device. If you want to know everything that this game has for you, do not miss a detail of the post.


    Everything you already know and more

    Although it is a version for Android operating systems, this game includes many of the main features of the main game, which was designed for Play Station, Microsoft Windows and Xbox One, and which are the most attractive on the market for its fans. To download it, you can access the following link to obtain the APK file: MORTAL KOMBAT

    Now, within the most outstanding and what users praise the most, is the incorporation of the typical MORTAL KOMBAT 11 players, the most traditional ones, and others that are specially incorporated in this saga.

    You will be able to meet the usual celebrities and additionally new characters such as: Mileena Vampiress, the champion soccer player Sonya blade, Klassic Reptile the princess Kitana Ronin.

    Of course, they could not miss the fabulous "fatalities" Y "brutalities”, Which give him so much satisfaction at the end of each battle. In addition to novel hits like the "X-rays”, Which is truly fatal for the opponents.

    You like this? Another option you have to download and test it is to enter the following link in the Play Store: MORTAL KOMBAT

    Technical indications

    One of the main circumstances that you have to consider before venturing into this game, launched on the market by Warner Bros International Enterprises, are the technical specifications that you must ensure on your smartphone or Android device, for its correct development, including the following:

    • The RAM memory of your device must be at least 1GB, to ensure that the highest quality graphics and images do not clutter your computer.
    • Likewise, you must ensure that your device support a weight of 1.25 GB.
    • It is only possible to play MORTAL KOMBAT with a good and fast internet connection.
    • Regarding the storage memory, you must have, at least, 1.1 GB of free space.
    • Finally, the required Android version is 0

    Most important features

    Now, within the known and the unknown, this classic fighting game for Android devices has certain specifications that make it unique, unrepeatable and very, very popular among young and old:

    • In a violent fighting game, with extreme blows, blood, mutilations and much more, so it is recommended for over 18 years.
    • You can access all the characters that were created for MORTAL KOMBAT 11, perform a fight three against three and, by winning fights, you will gain experience that will allow you to access unique and reserved content for experienced players.
    • Completing the multiple weekly challenges, you can unlock new characters very powerful.
    • Allows you to access a mode of team multiplayer online.
    • Will leave you customize your wins once the final blow and the famous death blows have been applied.
    • And the rewards for the special missions that are assigned to you will not wait, obtaining new powers, elements, characters, styles, etc.

    If you are a fan of this game, you will surely love this version as you can play MORTAL KOMBAT anywhere and apply the best FATALITIES!

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