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A short and simple game, but with an incredibly wide acceptance, even in spite of its moderately violent and gory content; I'm talking about Granny, Granny; offered by the company DVloper since the year 2017, and currently with over 100,000,000 downloads.

A different alternative for devices with the Android operating system, which allows you to enter a game with intention: escape from the grandmother who keeps you captive in a room of her house. It sounds like fun, but the suspense of an old woman chasing you all over the place guarantees much more than just fun. Find out all about Granny below.


    Granny, a horror and escape game

    The basis of this pure horror game lies in try to escape from a house where the scary granny has you locked up; Yes you! Because you will be the one who manipulates the protagonist of the story.

    To do this, you will have to solve riddles, mysteries and riddles, but you cannot be very obvious, you must make sure that Granny does not find out anything, because every movement is being watched by her and she will run to your location to catch you and hit you.

    How will the mysterious granny know where you are and what you are doing? Well, the game is handled through noises, everything that is executed by the protagonist must be done in a very stealthy way, avoiding loud sounds that alert the villain to defeat, about the fact that you are trying to escape.

    The hardest thing about the game is that You only have 5 days to escape from the house, which is quite large; it has five levels, a garage and two more attic levels. As a dignified house of horror, it is old and meets with a look of abandoned houseIt squeaks everywhere and every door can be truly scandalous.

    Something curious ?, discover the area that hides between the wallsIt will be very useful to hide you when granny comes for you, but be careful! If she catches you, you will be lost; If you manage to escape it, congratulations! You have won the game.

    Beware of traps!

    Something that makes this game more fun and at the same time more complicated and dark is that it is not only about chases between the grandmother and the protagonist of the story, but there are traps that the villain will place for you throughout the plot: Bear traps, blows that he will try to hit you with a bat, increase in speed along with increasing game difficulty, etc ...

    The chase is really intense, trapping the user to the point of generating suspense and true fear for this grandmother.

    In fact, in the game mode called “nightmare”These traps come to life, and although they won't move to catch you, it will be more difficult to escape from them.

    Violence in the game

    It is said that it is a somewhat violent game, since to catch the player and make him lose the game, the grandmother usually attacks him with a bat; Likewise, to escape, the player must actively defend himself against the evil granny's attacks, and how? Shooting her, running her over, pushing her, etc.

    Technical details

    This game has certain technical characteristics:

    • You can choose the game mode and difficulty. Among them there is a very effective way of practice to begin to know it.
    • It is very light, it only weighs 101 MB.
    • Latest version 1.7.9
    • Just request access to the network and internet connections.

    Do you want to download it on your Smartphone?

    To start enjoying this game, you can enter the following APKpure link: Granny to download the APK file; or in the Google Play Store: Granny Play Store; without further complication and without paying license.

    So go ahead, start your fun with Granny and control your nerves, because surely the tension will be present.

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