Hello Neighbor

Are you a fan of investigation and suspense games? Hello neighbor combines this passion with the typical horror movie scene, where the protagonist must go into a neighbor's basement to find out more about strange noises that, apparently, come from down there.

It is a game dating back to year 2015, today having versions for Microsoft Windows platforms, Xbox One, Play Station 4, Nintendo Switch, OS and Android; being this last version whose main characteristics make us stop in detail in this article.


    Origin and technical details of relevance

    For Android, specifically, its launch comes in 2018 by the developer Dynamic Pixels, and has a download size equivalent to 1.15 GB, so it deserves a smartphone fast and dynamic enough to process all the details of the game without crashing.

    Request access to device identity, network, connections, phone settings, billing and Google Play license, etc.

    General details of the game

    The base of the game focuses on the investigation, from the point of view of a child, whom we observe in the first act starting the story that triggers the plot, and which grows throughout each act.

    It is developed through the search for clues that give the possibility of accessing the basement and discovering the mystery that the neighbor hides of the new boy on the block, who will obsess you with find the answers to all the questions that are generated throughout the game

    It is executed in three great acts:

    • A first act where the game begins through the teaching the protagonist of the same, who will be our main investigator, who, upon hearing the cries of a little boy from his neighbor's basement, will not be able to rest until he finds reasons and enters the place.
    • The second act, where the boy wakes up from a dream and sees himself nestled in the neighbor's house, trying to flee from the place, but being trapped by it; all of which is shown as a kind of dream, giving rise, in addition, to a family history behind the plot, which tries to explain the life of the investigated.
    • The third and final act, where the protagonist grows, returns to the ruins of his neighbor's house after having found himself far away, being terrified and discovering that the dreams of his childhood still haunt him, and determining that although he lies in ruins, the basement hides his enigmatic and dark neighbor.

    Relevant characteristics

    It is a game truly surreal, which presents details that make it unique and that are worth highlighting, among them, the following:

    • Initially, it is a game whose animation has been highly praised, not for its realism, but for its originality and quality.
    • It is very curious and it allows players to get into the game's plot in a very special way, with sounds, scenes, voices ... that dramatize the environment and animate the user.
    • It is designed with a system of artificial intelligence that details each movement of the players and determines future responses based on it, in order to make the game more and more difficult; but once known in detail, in short, it turns it into a bundle up the sleeve for gamer.

    You can access the interesting game Hello Neighbor, which already has more than 10,000,000 downloads from Google, by clicking on the following links APKpure and of Play Store, where everything is simplified and you only have to enjoy. Enjoy it to the fullest!

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