Clasch of Clans

Clash of Clans better known among expert gamers as CoC, it's a war strategy video game. Which consists of a medieval Nordic fantasy in which players must worry about the construction and development of a village. Clash of Clans from the beginning was designed as a game for mobile devices that will use Android or iOS. And its incredible success is possibly due to the fact that it is a very complete game to be played on a mobile device.

A few months after its release, the game had already achieved overwhelming success. Becoming the most lucrative mobile phone game in America. Clash of Clans for Android was released on September 30 by the Finnish video game company and developer Supercell.


    Clash of Clans gameplay

    The game consists of the building and developing a village, training troops and crafting spells. In order to fight hordes of goblins and get resources such as gold, elixir or dark elixir. That they are necessary to defend themselves, train or improve the troops in general. But the most interesting thing about the game is that you can fight against other players' villages online.

    In 2014 the game implemented the ability to join other players in preset clans or create your own. Make collaborations to improve the clan and wage wars against other clans. Thanks to this option, he began to gain millions of followers as it made the game much more dynamic and interesting.

    clash of clans coc android

    Even more so that it was around that time that fantasy online games began to become very fashionable. And true youth communities began to form that used games as fundamental means of socialization.

    Another opportunity that was opened by this was the famous Clan games. That allowed the different clans and their members to participate in challenges that would allow them to win incredible rewards. All members of each clan had the right to participate in the event but once started they could not change clan.

    Download Clash of Clans for Android

    To download Clash of Clans for Android from the App store, click on: download Clash of Clans for Android.

    If you want to download Clash of Clans for Android through ApKpure click: Download Clash of Clans for Android.

    Clash of Clans development

    At first this incredible game was released for iOS and the maximum level of the town hall was 8. In that remote beginning it had some things that were later eliminated such as the waterfall that is a central part of its history. Many veteran players comment that it was due to wasting a lot of memory, and made the game heavy.

    First updates

    Already on September 18 some updates were included such as healing, fury, lightning spells. Added some important actions such as battle log, replays as well as balance and overview improvements. Shortly after this date, on September 30, Clash of Clans for Android finally came out. On October 27, the ninth level was included in the town hall in addition to the crossbows and the jump spell.

    At the beginning of the following year, specifically on January 10, iconic heroes such as the barbarian king or the archer queen were included. In addition to visual improvements, new wall levels and the dark elixir. About a month later the developer included the first dark troops: Valkyrie montapuercos and henchman. In April of that same year the developer included the Golden troop and the leagues that are now so popular.

    Later in May Level 10 was added to the Town Hall and with it Hellish Defense Tower. On July 29, the witch arrives, who at the time was a quite advantageous troop.

    For 2014, several new abilities were included for heroes. And by the middle of the year, new troops were included, this time aerial. Which gave a quite interesting tone to the game known until then. By the end of the year the skeleton trap was included.

    Last 5 years of game development

    In 2015 some of the notable improvements were the new defense and the air traffic controller. The new Cauldron that included three spells: Earthquake Speed ​​and Poison. And finally the town hall level 11 layout was quite applauded.

    2016 was also a year with essential updates, for example, the castle was remodeled and the treasury or the loot cart was included. New troops also came, such as the purple giant for level 10 city hall barracks. Later, the bomber tower was included, which in addition to a structure also constitutes a new function.

    Later, in 2017, new troops such as the skeletal globe were included. Another major improvement was the system for meeting challenges and earning rewards. And another outstanding troop was super PEKKA

    2018 was also an excellent year as the twelfth level was included for the city hall, electrifying defense systems, siege workshop, etc.

    In 2019 the stone thrower, the giant and the Ice Golem of ice were also included.

    In 2020 levels were included for the town hall and the famous log thrower.

    And finally so far in 2021 the most important update has been the expected level 14 city hall

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