8 Ball Pool


Playing from a smartphone is one of the increasingly popular activities in the world, and is that the level of entertainment and the quality of games designed for various operating systems, such as Android, is very high, with very striking alternatives to pass the hours of quarantine and social distancing, as is the case of the game 8 Ball Pool.

A game specially designed for billiard multiplayer, now available as an App to download, install and continue to be one of the most prominent games in the world. I invite you to know the main characteristics of this fun entertainment option.


    Origin of 8 Ball Pool for Android

    An application developed by Miniclip.com, with a release date of 23 January 2013, and with recent updates; at this moment it has more than 500,000,000 downloads on the Play Store and has a size of 63.05 MB.

    It was born with the analysis and market study of other games from the same company in the field of billiard games, initially oriented to a single player, and that with the passage of time resulted in the need to incorporate the possibility of interact between players, thus making way for the tournaments.

    More recently, given the fame of the game, the company is committed to creating a version for Android devices, renewing tournaments and establishing the earning of coins that are strictly necessary to bet and interact with other players in a dynamic competition.

    Being then cataloged today as the greatest pool game of all time.

    Main features of the App

    This game has very specific characteristics, which I detail below:

    • The main and most important feature of all is that this game is completely interactive, allowing the execution of more than one player, being specially elaborated for the multiple participation of people, whether they are your own friends or any other user of the game.
    • You can decide between playing in tournaments for up to eight players, or just play in a healthy billiard competition, hand in hand, against another person.
    • In each game you decide to play you can earn coins, which are the engine of the game, essential for bet on tournaments and keep moving forward as an expert player.
    • The game offers you the opportunity to play with your acquaintancesTo do this, you must log in with your Facebook or Miniclip company account, and coordinate the search for other friends who, like you, have downloaded the App.
    • You can also get a better status in the game and level up, for this you only deserve complete the challenges that will be imposed on you in each game. This better status allows you to access details and exclusive areas within the App.
    • To play you need a Internet connection, and you should anyway accept the privacy conditions requested by the App.
    • With its latest update you have access to better emoticons, so chatting with your friends during a pool tournament will be much more entertaining and fun; furthermore, the appearance is greatly improved and the reported issues will no longer be a problem.

    Do you want to download this game?

    It is very simple, you only have to access the main page of APKpure, created specifically for downloading Android applications (if you are interested in the apk file); or for your convenience, you just have to click on the following link: 8 Ball Pool Apkpure

    You can also directly access the Play Store link from your Smartphone (to install directly and in a more secure way), or simply click on the link that I indicate below: 8 Ball Pool Play Store

    Wait no more and start the fun with 8 Ball Pool!

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