Get refund from Google Play Store

Refund play store Is it possible? learn how to get it

Yes! You can make a play store refund and here we will tell you everything you have to do.

  1. First Method to Get a Play Store Refund
  2. Second method to get a refund
  3. Third method, when more time has passed

First Method to Get a Play Store Refund

Luckily, everything has a solution, so if you made a purchase in Google Play Store and you regretted it. Don't worry! You can make a refund and it is easier than you imagine, you just have to follow the following instructions.

But before starting, it is important to clarify that only you will have 15 minutes to make the refund, this way you will get rid of the request that Google requires to return the money.

If you request the refund within the estimated time:

  1. You must go to the Google Play Store application and press the icon where your username and image can be seen.
  2. Next, the “Account” option. play store account
  3. Head over to your purchase history, and you'll have a list of all the apps you've downloaded through the Google Play Store. play store app history
  4. Click the game or application you want to return
  5. Then, select the option “get refund” or “request refund” and you will automatically have a confirmation message, asking if you are sure and want to request a refund from the Google Play Store for said game or application. Request refund googleplay
  6. To finish, select the "Yes" option and that's it.

Second method to get a refund

There is another method, but this is usually carried out within 3 minutes of having installed the paid application or game and it is, uninstall itwith this action Google will understand that you are not satisfied with the program and will make a refund.

Third method, when more time has passed

However! In case of requesting a refund a long time later, there is also a solution. Carry out the aforementioned steps from 1 to 6 and, once the refund has been confirmed, you must click on the “Send request” option.

It will appear in a pop-up window where you must explain in detail the reasons why you are requesting the refund. It is worth mentioning that this explanation is mandatory, it will be evaluated by the google play team and, you will receive a response within 4 days.

The refund request in Google Play Store can be done either from your smartphone or through a computer, entering the official page, and in the latter case, it is possible that instead of the option "request a refund” appears “Report a problem”, you just have to click on it and you can make the request you want.

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