PK XD: Explore and Play with your Friends

Would you like to live in an alternative virtual city? Now you can make it possible, with PK XD: Explore and Play with your Friends, you will have the opportunity to create a whole fantasy world and in miniature version! All on your Android phone and completely free, ensuring hours of entertainment and fun.

It's about a minigame developed by the company PlayKids Inc. in the year 2019, with a download size of 131 MB and full of novel and unique opportunities to unfold in a fantasy world. Do you want to know how PK XD works? Join me and you will know.

  1. A game to explore and play with your friends
  2. Don't forget the missions!
  3. You can have it right now

A game to explore and play with your friends

Living up to its name, PK XD Explore and Play with your Friends, is a game that has been created with the intention of allowing users to explore a new world, full of different and small things, where they can create avatars at will and lead them through the village that makes up the game, interacting with other characters and building their own lives.

Do you want to build a house? Talk with friends? Have a virtual pet? In this game all that and much more can be done, in a fun way and with a lot of imagination, which will determine your personality and your appearance. For example:

  • You may make your own character or avatar, with your own rules and without limits; you will be the same or completely different from how you are in real life, and you can even be a zombie, a dragon, a witch, or any other mythical character that comes to mind.
  • You may change your appearance constantly, dressing up in different outfits, special sneakers, unique hairstyles, extravagant clothes, fighting accessories, wearing some beautiful glasses, everything you dare not do in real life!
  • You can have quirky pets, such as alligators, raccoons or buffalo.
  • You may decorate your house as you see fit, with plenty of super fun and imaginative options, you won't know what to do with so much!
  • You can access custom chats with your friends, or simply relax in the world of PK XD, eating a delicious dessert or going for a walk ...

You can do whatever you want in PK XD Explore and Play with your Friends.

However, one of the most constant criticisms, according to the repeated opinion of the users, is that it is necessary to expand the different existing alternatives, in order to make the game more extensive and dynamic.

Don't forget the missions!

In this version of the game you have at your disposal the option to complete additional activities, with the intention of obtaining a few coins; To do this, you must access the minigames and accept the indicated tasks; for example, you may be tasked with delivering fast food throughout the city.

These coins earned with missions can be redeem for new accessories for your look, for your house or for your pet, which will definitely give a unique and original touch to everything that belongs to you in this mini city.

You can have it right now

To download PK XD Explore and Play with your Friends, you can enter APKpure's main page, but if you want to be much more practical and don't want to waste any more time, you just have to click here, and it will automatically start the download to your smartphone (APK file).

Likewise, you have the alternative of proceeding to the download, directly from the Google store, by clicking on the following link: PK XD Play Store

PK XD Explore and Play with your Friends is, without a doubt, an excellent alternative to explore new forms of entertainment and new video games oriented to Android operating systems, so you can't stop trying it in your free time!

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