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The advance of mobile technology has caused that every time there are more games available on smartphones, which each time have a better quality. That's why more and more players choose to download some of their favorite games on their mobile devices, enjoying the advantages offered by this game mode, starting with the fact that they can play anywhere.

If you are looking for good games for your Android phone and do not want to spend money on your download, here we will share with you the 20 best free games in Play Store, among which you will surely find a game that will meet your expectations.

  1. 20 best free games on Play Store
    1. 20.- Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery
    2. 19.- Grand Battle Royal Pixel War
    3. 18.- Dream League Soccer
    4. 17.- Love Balls
    5. 16.- Helix Jump
    6. 15.- Rules of Survival
    7. 14.- PUBG Mobile
    8. 13.-
    9. 12.- Top Eleven 2018
    10. 11.- Geometry Dash Lite
    11. 10.- FIFA Mobile Soccer
    12. 9.- Fallout Shelter
    13. 8.- World of Tanks BLITZ
    14. 7.- Super Mario Run
    15. 6.- Shadowgun Legends
    16. 5.- Pokémon Go
    17. 4.- Clash Royale
    18. 3.- Clash of Clans
    19. 2.- Armored Warfare Assault
    20. 1.- Asphalt 8 Airbone

20 best free games on Play Store

20.- Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Without a doubt it is an excellent game, especially for all those who are fans of this excellent game. It is an RPG game where players have the possibility to create their own student who will enter the magic school.

Also, players can choose one of the four houses of the school that they want to attend. As expected, in the game we can find all the characters in the series.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts MysteryDownload game

19.- Grand Battle Royal Pixel War

A game that, as you can see by its name, combines two of the outstanding features of two of the most popular games currently: Minecraft and PUBG.

The game mixes elements of other games to create a Battle Royal which became very popular quickly among users of Android devices. In the game, as you are imagining, you will compete against other players to be the last alive.

Grand Battle Royal Pixel WarDownload game

18.- Dream League Soccer

In Dream League Soccer we find one of the best free games that exist within the Play Store, in which all players have the possibility to form their team by hiring some of the best stars of the sport.

The game has an improved artificial intelligence system that promises to improve the overall game experience, in addition to having good graphics that run at 60 fps, as long as the phone meets the minimum requirements to play it with that quality.

Dream League SoccerDownload game

17.- Love Balls

It's a game that has gone largely unnoticed, but Love Balls has everything you need to keep you entertained for several hours, especially in the case of children, which is very interesting.

The mechanics of the game are very simple, but as we move forward the levels become more complicated and even somewhat addictive.

Love BallsDownload game

16.- Helix Jump

Helix Jump It is a very successful game that attracted the attention of millions of players around the world. It is a free game in which players must place a ball through spinning platforms, which adds a unique and very complicated to the game, having to do everything possible to place it and try to fall in the places with a color that is compatible.

As the player progresses in the game the levels will be increasingly difficult to overcome.

Helix JumpDownload game

15.- Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival is one of the best Battle Royal that can be downloaded in Andriod, so it has a large number of players who do everything possible to survive on the island and be the last alive.

The objective of the game is the same as in any other game of this type, but it has some very interesting details, such as having games with 120 players at the same time.

Rules of SurvivalDownload game

14.- PUBG Mobile

Since we are talking about popular Battle Royales on Android it is clear that we could not miss PUBG Mobile, the mobile version of the popular PC and consoles game.

In this version of the game the players will face each other in battles of up to 100 players, enjoying almost the same characteristics they enjoy in the full version of the game.

PUBG MobileDownload game


Although It has a very classic formula, it is still one of the most popular games and downloaded in Android operating system. It is a more modern version of the Serpent game, adding the multiplayer function, where our goal is to have the biggest snake or worm to beat the other players when they hit the body of our snake.

If you always enjoyed this game in its classic version, you can not miss this improved version of the game.

"Slither.ioDownload game

12.- Top Eleven 2018

In Top Eleven 2018 we can find a game where players take the role of a football manager. Thus, they can create a club from scratch, they can make improvements to their stadium and they can even create training sessions for their team, improving their statistics so that they can beat the rival teams.

Top ElevenDownload game

11.- Geometry Dash Lite

Geometry Dash Lite It is an extremely popular game on all operating systems, although its base of players on Android is the largest. It is a game where the players will have to have their reflexes to the maximum in order to avoid all the obstacles and thus be able to survive the complicated levels of this game.

If you are looking for a simple game that is very addictive, without a doubt this game will fulfill your expectations.

geometry dashDownload game

10.- FIFA Mobile Soccer

A mobile game developed by EA in which players can enjoy some of the features of console games and also some new features that were added in FIFA Mobile Soccer.

The juice has a campaign mode that players can enjoy, as well as other challenges and game modes.

FIFA Mobile SoccerDownload games

9.- Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is a game developed by Bethesda in which we find a management simulator where we will have to build our own shelter and take care that our inhabitants have everything they need to survive and be happy.

It is quite entertaining and even addictive, you can play for a long time without realizing that it has been several hours since you started your refuge.

fallout shelterDownload game

8.- World of Tanks BLITZ

A game made by KingNet that is quite popular on different platforms, but the mobile version called World of Tanks BLITZ It is quite popular and has everything necessary for players to enjoy this title from their Android devices.

The game has a total of 90 tanks and war machines, as well as players can choose between different classes to choose those that best suit the way they play.

World of Tanks BLITZDownload game

7.- Super Mario Run

Nintendo finally decided to take their fans to their favorite plumber with Super Mario Run, a game for which you have to pay to unlock all the functions of the game, but you can download it for free and enjoy the first levels of the title and compete against friends.

A game very well worked, with graphics and well-made mechanics that take us to the world of Mario Bros.Super Mario Run

Download game

6.- Shadowgun Legends

Players who want a first-person action game can enjoy can download Shadowgun Legends, a FPS title with small touches of role. It has good graphics and a perfect fast action for all those who want some action.

The game has a competitive and cooperative mode, so you can play with your friends.Shadowgun Legends

Download game

5.- Pokémon Go

Niantic made its mobile debut with Pokémon Go, a game that caught the attention of millions of people around the world during its launch, and although currently its number of players is not so great, it is still one of the best free games that are available for Android.

If you like Pokémon and have never tried this game, you will most certainly not be disappointed in it.Pokémon Go

Download game

4.- Clash Royale

Do you really need an introduction? Clash Royale is one of the most popular competitive strategy games on Android and any mobile platform. A game with good graphics and an addictive gameplay that caught millions of players.

Conquer your enemies and defeat them to get better cards you can use in your battles.Clash Royale

Download game

3.- Clash of Clans

A game developed by Supercell, the creators of Clash Royale, where we find a competitive strategy game with some differences. In Clash of Clans lThe players will have to create their own village and train their troops to attack other players.

Many consider that it is an improved formula in several aspects, allowing players to have better control over their troops.Clash of Clans

Download game

2.- Armored Warfare Assault

A game full of action and tactics of strategy. Armored Warfare Assault is an MMO in which players can get into big tank battles in which they can use up to 60 war vehicles.

The battles are against other players, so they can measure their skills against other people.Armored Warfare Assault

Download game

1.- Asphalt 8 Airbone

We will finish our list with Asphalt 8 Airborne, one of the best Gameloft mobile games, with latest generation graphics, a great variety of vehicles and a very effective driving system that allows us to enjoy the game in the best possible way.Asphalt 8 Airbone

Download game

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